Working Together

While I tailor my approach to each client’s unique needs, certain aspects of working together will always be true. Your awareness of the process will streamline our working relationship, ultimately saving us time (and you, money!). Here are answers to some commonly asked (or inferred) questions:

Are you willing to meet with me?

Yes. I’d love to meet with you. I work from home so prefer to consult with clients in public settings. I will give you up to one hour of free consultation, provided you come “ready” (in other words, please explore this entire website – know specifically what it is you are hoping I can help with, so you can articulate this to me…NOTE: I’m not a small business development expert, so if you have not yet filed papers to form your organization, please find a more appropriate professional to assist you). Be prepared to share your organization’s Internal Revenue Service tax exemption status (for instance, are you a 501(c)(3), for-profit entity, or something else?) with me, as this drives what type of assistance I am able to provide.

Do you work off a percentage of the grant?

Absolutely not. All Grant Professional Certified consultants adhere to the Grant Professionals Association Code of Ethics (click to learn more), which has the following compensation stipulations: (a) Members shall work for a salary or fee. (b) Compensation should not be written into grants unless allowed by the funder.

How do we get started?

By signing a contract. Beyond the initial consultation, I will not begin working with you until we execute a contract. This happens very quickly, provided you tell me: (1) Official name and address of your organization (per your filing papers). (2) Organization’s signing authority’s name and title. (3) Specifically which aspect(s) you are hiring me for (see “Services” tab to understand how projects are categorized). (4) Duration for which you are hiring me. (5) Starting date that you would like to hire me.

Are you worth your hourly rate?

Definitely. Learn more about what being credentialed by the Grant Professionals Certification Institute entails, particularly the competencies one must be proficient in. Other facets of my qualifications and track record are under the “Experience” tab of this website. My rate is on the low end for credentialed grant professionals; you will more than get a return on investment from me!

Can you wave a wand to make funds appear?

I wish! Though I would love to have this power, thus far it has not manifested. Always expect to dedicate a staff member to work me, across your entire grant-seeking journey. I will need to be in close contact with this person as we delve into your project(s). This ensures that all documents and plans accurately reflect your organization and its needs.